Rolling Out the Red Carpet For Your Car

When you want your car looking and feeling like new, come to Red Carpet Car Wash! There are tons of cleaning options and monthly wash plans to choose from to address all of your interior and exterior needs. Our expert team works quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible!

We are proud of the quality and efficient services we provide to all car owners in Canton, Massillon, Perry Township, Stark County and the surrounding areas!

Car Wash Services We Offer:


Budget Wash: $8

• Bug Spray (Seasonal)

• Machine Wash

• Spot Free Rinse

• Machine Blow Dry

• $26.95 / month for Monthly Wash Plan

Deluxe Exterior Wash: $13

• Budget Wash

• Towel Dry

• Door Jambs

• Hand Scrubbed Bugs

• $31.95 / month for Monthly Wash Plan

Full-Service Wash: $21

• Deluxe Exterior Wash

• Vacuum Passenger Area

• Dust Dash

• Window Cleaning

• $46.95 / month for Monthly Wash Plan

Full-Service “Works” Wash: $26

• Full Service Wash

• Tire Shine

• Chassis Bath

• Sealer Wax

• Wheel Brightener

• 5 Day Rain Check

• $52.95 / month for Monthly Wash Plan

A La Carte Services

• Tire Shine: $3

• Sealer Wax: $3

• Chassis Bath: $3

• Wheel Brightener: $3

Get all 4 of the above exterior services including a 5-day rain check for only $5 with any wash
• Hot Wax: $5

  Exterior Detailing Services

Hand Wax: $100
Minivans, SUV’s and trucks: $110.00
Full-size vans: $120.00

• Tar Removal

• Chrome Cleaning

• Polymer Paint Sealant

• Tire and Rubber Protectant

Polish and Wax: $145
Minivans, SUV’s and trucks: $155.00
Full-size vans: $160.00
**Actual price based upon inspection

• Hand Wax

• Compound Polishing using orbital buffer

• Paint Sealant Application

Tar Removal: $40/ hour

Paint Fallout and Overspray Removal: $40/hour

Hand Wash: $30

Headlight Reconditioning: $30

Windshield Chip Repair: $50 per chip

Motorcycle Services:

• Detail: $85
• Wash: $25

  Interior Detailing Services

Deluxe: $125
Minivans, SUV’s and trucks: $135
Full-size cars: $140

Commercial cleaner & soil extractor used to clean:

• Carpets

• Floor

• Mats

Interior protectant is applied to all:

• Plastic

• Leather

• Vinyl

• Door Panels

• Dashboards

• Kick Panels

Chrome is cleaned and polished

Windows are cleaned

Seats and Carpets: $80
Minivans, SUV’s and trucks: $90
Full-size vans: $95

Cleaned with Commercial Cleaner & Soil Extractor:

• Carpets

• Floor Mats

• Seats

Trunk Cleaning: $25

• Carpet cleaned with Commercial Cleaner & Soil Extractor

• Dust trunk lid and jamb

• Clean spare tire

Odor Removal: $40

Our Ozone Generator kills bacterial odors, cigarette smoke, musty smells, and spills.

  Complete Detailing Services

All Detailing Services are by appointment only

Complete Detail: $200
Minivans, SUV’s and trucks: $210
Full-size vans: $220


• Deluxe Interior

• Tar Removal

• Hand Wax, Tire and Rubber Protectant

• Wheel Cleaning

• Trunk Cleaning

• Engine compartment degreasing, cleaning and clear protectant application (For cosmetic purpose only)

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